Deciding on the look of your new home or remodel?  Discover how Eco-side Engineered Wood Siding will fit any design choice perfectly!


The wood we use to manufacture our Eco-side ® collection contains 100% pre-consumer recycled content. KWP products are Eco-consciously manufactured with quality additives that increases strength, rigidity and durability while lessening our carbon footprint.

This collection clearly meets the needs of environmentally-friendly individuals who take the preservation of our planet at heart. Although, the objective is to be able to satisfy the needs of a wider spectrum, hopefully the majority of our customers, if not our audience as a whole. To do this, we want to prove to you that our Eco-side collection does fit with your style choice! How? Keep reading to find out!


At KWP we are aware that no two individuals are the same. Therefore; no two houses or buildings will be the same. What is it they say? Different strokes for different folks. Every customer has different needs and preferences; hence, the importance of having a wide selection of colors for your wood siding. We offer different shades of Gray (ex. Gray rustic, Pearl gray), brown (ex. Commercial brown, walnut rustic), as well as a variety of lighter shades.


The Eco-side collection has different profiles to select from. In terms of wood-grain siding, Eco-side offers the Bold Siding and the Rustic Collection. These collections offer an authentic, warm and timeless look. They bring natural beauty to any architectural style.

The Eco-side Premium Smooth collection offers – yes, you guessed it, a smooth finish! This collection offers the warmth and beauty of traditional wood

We also offer the following two shake collections: Woodbury Staggered Shakes and Hampton Shakes Siding. With the appearance and rustic charm of authentic cedar shakes, these collections are the perfect accent for any home.


Try it on your home using our Home Designer 2.0!  Enjoy visualizing different colors and profiles by simply uploading an image of your home!