Accessories For Siding Installation


Aluminum color-matching accessories help facilitate successful installation by ensuring the siding is properly installed with a clean, seamless finish.

Please contact your nearest KWP representative for a complete list of available colors. Contact Us here.


Joint Molding

Joint Molding

To cover the joint between two panels.

Nail Fin

Eliminates face nailing on corners and trims.

Transition Molding

For floor level transitions.

Joint Spacer

Reversible Joint Spacer

To keep spacing even between two planks.

Drip Cap

Used over windows and doors to allow water to flow away from the door.

Thermoplastic Caulking

Used to finish the joint between two panels.

Inside Corner Post

Used at the inside corner where two walls meet.

Color Coordinated Nails

Color-Coordinated Nails

Galvanized nails.

Outside Corner Post

Used at the outside corner where two walls meet.

Touch up Paint

Touch-up Paint

J Molding

J Molding

Used around doors and windows.

Anti Rodent Trim

Prevents infiltration of rodents and vermin. Available in aluminum and vinyl.



Use flashing underneath the panel between joint spaces.

Aluminum Venting Strip

Aluminum Venting Strip

In conjunction with Stratford Soffit
Only in Sierra, Yellowstone, Cedar and Commercial Brown