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5 ways installation costs might be hurting your bottom line

2019 saw a slight increase in new house prices, an average of 1.93% and 2020 was on track to see a similar trend. When demand for housing increases, this drives housing prices to go up as well. This is great news for the construction industry. However with increased demand comes more competition. Let’s take [...]

Why Google My Business is important for your business

So you’ve built your website, you are current with your social media platforms and are feeling pretty good about your online presence. You may be wondering “Do I really need to add my business to Google My Business (GMB)?”… Short answer; YES! Here’s why…When a potential customer is running a Google search on your [...]

Best practices for contractors and builders using social media

Interesting how things have changed over the years… social media is now one of the first channels on which consumers have their first contact with any company or service provider. It’s no wonder more and more contractors and builders are using social media to promote their business. Whether you are a beginner or a [...]

Updating your home exterior: Tips and Tools that can help

Now more than ever, home's role seems to be our safe refuge   Home is also where we often express our personalities. Now that many of us are home, we are looking at the interior and exterior of our abodes with a more critical eye. Perhaps some of you are designing and planning an upcoming [...]

Brown Siding: Trending Siding Colors 2020

Brown shades have always been one of the most popular wood siding colors for home exteriors. Trending in 2020, Torrefied Brown Rustic and Commercial Brown, allow for great design versatility.  These engineered wood colors pair nicely with a variety of materials from stone to aluminum, the design options are countless.  These shades are also used [...]

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