How Eco-side Engineered Wood Siding fits with your style choice

Deciding on the look of your new home or remodel?  Discover how Eco-side Engineered Wood Siding will fit any design choice perfectly! GO GREEN The wood we use to manufacture our Eco-side ® collection contains 100% pre-consumer recycled content. KWP products are Eco-consciously manufactured with quality additives that increases strength, rigidity and durability while lessening [...]

Case Study: The Hillsborough Apartments

PROJECT TITLE The Hillsborough Apartments Roseville, MN COMPANY Dave Knutson Siding Roseville, MN COMPANY PROFILE In 1974 Dave Knutson picked up his first hammer as the operator of his own business. Before that, Dave studied siding under the apprenticeship of expert Minnesotan tradesmen who emphasized quality work and service above all else. Learn more [...]

Case Study: The LeGrow Residence

PROJECT TITLE LeGrow Residence Uxbridge, Ontario COMPANY Peterborough Exteriors (P.E.) Peterborough, Ontario David and Jon Mulligan, Owners/Operators COMPANY PROFILE Founded in 2016, Peterborough Exteriors' rapid success is a testament to their professionalism and exceptional quality of work. Specializing in exterior finishing using aluminum, vinyl, wood and steel, this family run business has earned a [...]

Increase Curb Appeal While Reducing Your Impact On The Environment

The green building movement is thriving! No, we don’t mean the color green… Green Building = Sustainable Design Sustainable Design is defined as:  The intention of sustainable design is to "eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skillful, sensitive design". KWP leads the way in ecologically-conscious manufacturing of engineered wood siding and trim board. KWP has [...]

Case Study: The Varvel Residence

PROJECT TITLE Varvel Residence – Troy OH COMPANY Denlinger and Sons Builders, Inc. Troy, OH 45373 Todd Denlinger Vice-President, Operations Manager COMPANY PROFILE Since 1993, Denlinger and Sons has earned a reputation as the premier homebuilder in the Greater Dayton area. They have become the preferred choice for buyers who will not compromise [...]

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