Holiday Red

With the holidays upon us, we can't help but be drawn to bright colors like red; a hue that always demands attention. Choosing a red-tone siding screams "look at me" but, rest assured, it works well with other shades. Check out these tips to incorporate red with your exterior wood siding: A vivid fire engine [...]

It’s not just brown – Discover our siding colors!

Brown shades have always been one of the most popular wood siding colors for home exteriors. Inspired by nature, these colors were almost exclusively reserved for wood.  Although wood siding colors, such as our Brown Torrefied Rustic, will always remain timeless classics whether it be on a traditional or modern home, the warmth they exude [...]

Change your siding and change your home’s entire style

The exterior of your home establishes the style of your house. By choosing specific elements for your home’s facade, you will be setting the tone of your property. So whether you are remodeling your exterior to increase your resale value and bump up your curb appeal, or simply want to enhance your home’s aesthetics, [...]

Case Study: The Lofts At Rodman Hall

Project Title The Lofts At Rodman Hall Niagara, Ontario Company Southport Builders Niagara Inc. Daniil's Contracting Ltd. Company Profile Southport Builders Niagara is a family owned and operated custom home builder in the Niagara Region. They offer a complete home building experience to our customers, including pre-construction home design, interior design, construction management, and [...]

Maintaining Engineered Wood Siding vs. Traditional Wood Siding

Are you in the process of choosing wood siding for your home exterior?  Wood Siding can add the punch of color and give your home the curb appeal you are looking for.  While it can be aesthetically pleasing, wood siding does come with some drawbacks, including the fact that is high maintenance. KWP Engineered [...]

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